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Traversing the Highs and Lows of Muslim Marriage (Sadaf Farooqi)
Winning the Heart of your Wife
Winning the Heart of your Husband
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage (Part 1) (Drs. Ekram and Mohamed Rida Beshir)
Divorce : Its Reasons And Its Cures By Shaykh Jamal Al-Harithi
Blissful Marriage : A Practical Islamic Guide (Dr. Ekram and M. Rida Beshir)
The Essentials of Islamic Marriage (Sheikh Muhammad Rif'at 'Uthman)
The Harmony of Marriage in Islam (Dr. Muhammad bin Lutfi as-Sabagh)
The Ingredients for a Happy Marriage
Marital Discord (al-Nushooz) Its Definitions, Cases, Causes, Means of Protection from It, and its Remedy from the Quran and SunnahDr. Saalih Sadlaan
Marriage and Divorce (Dr. Muhammad Jamil Ghazi/Abu Zakariya James Pavlin)
Marriage in Islam (Muhammad Abdul-Rauf)
The Fiqh of Marriage in the Light of the Quran and Sunnah
The Righteous Wife
The Quest for Love & Mercy: Regulations for Marriage & Wedding in Islaam (The Muslim Family Series Book 1)
Closer Than A Garment: Marital Intimacy According to the Pure Sunnah (The Muslim Family Series Book 2)
The Fragile Vessels: Rights & Obligations Between Spouses in Islaam (The Muslim Family Series Book 3)
Our Precious Sprouts : Islamic Regulations for Newborns (Muslim Family Book 4)
Marital Discord : Causes & Cures (Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi)
A Handbook On Marriage (Muslim Students Association of US and Canada)
The Proper Conduct of Marriage in Islam (English Translation of "Adab an-Nikah") (Imam Abu Hamid al-Tusi al-Ghazali)
The Muslim Marriage Guide (Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood)
Islamic Guide to Sexual Relations (Muhammad Ibn Adam Al-Kawthari)
Forty Solutions to Your Marriage Problems (Salih Al-Munajjid Muhammad)
A Gift for Muslim Groom (Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed)
When Muslim Marriage Fails : Divorce Chronicles and Commentaries (Suzy Ismail)
20 Pieces of Advice to My Sister before Marriage (Badr bin Ali Al-Utaybee)
Rights of the Spouses (Sh Sulayman Ruhaylee)
Polygamy in Islam (Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips and Dr. Jamila Jones)
Your Islamic Marriage Contract : 2nd Edition (Hedaya Hartford; Ashraf Muneeb)
Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage (Hedaya Hartford)
Divorce: A Textbook on Jurisprudence According to the Five Schools of Islamic Law (Allama Muhammad, Jawad Mughniyyah)
Ghusl (Bathing) : A Reminder to Muslim Youth After Marital Relations (Abdullah bin Jarillah bin Ibrahim al Jarillah)
An Excellent Husband : The Islamic Way of Life Series Book 1 (As-Shaikh Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi)
An Excellent Wife : The Islamic Way of Life Series Book 2 (As-Shaikh Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi)
Muslim Married Couple
The Ruling on Looking at the One Proposed to for Marriage
Preventing Sex Outside of Marriage
Nikah (Hadrat Moulana Abdulhamid Ibrahim Ishaq Sahib Damat Barakatuhu)
Concerning Divorce
The Pious Husband: Az-Zaujus Salih
The Pious Woman: Al-Mar'atus-Salihah
The Book of Marriage from the Explanation of Bulugh al Maram Part One (1) (Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen)
Before You Tie the Knot : A Guide for Couples (Salma Elkadi Abugideiri, Imam Mohamed Magid)
Dwell in Tranquility - An Islamic Roadmap to the Vibrant Marriage (1st First Edition) Kamal Shaarawy
Key to a Successful Marital Life (Nihad Sayyid Idris Ali)

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