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A Handbook On Marriage (Muslim Students Association of US and Canada)

A Handbook On Marriage (Muslim Students Association of US and Canada)

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ISBN: none
Author: Muslim Students Association of US and Canada
Publisher: Islamic Society of North America (1980)
Pages: 25 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Family has a crucial place in the Islamic way of life. The Qur'an and the Sunnah are explicit about living a responsible, ethical, and social life; thus, the family is the cornerstone of Islamic society.

There exists a very rich literature on family life in Islam and issues related to it. However, the need for a handy, to-the-point, and authentic manual, helpful in officiating marriages, particularly in the Western world has long felt. The M.S.A. in the past has published various manuals to meet such temporal needs of Muslims in the West. These include manuals for Salatul Jumah; Salatul Eidayn; Marriage; and Preparation and Burial if the Dead.

The present Handbook replaces our past publication which has been discontinued by us.

Br. Monzer Kahf was kind enough to research and write this Handbook for us. We pray to Allah to accept this effort and reward Br. Monzer and those brothers and sisters who were instrumental in developing this as well as the past handbook on marriage.


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