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Marital Discord : Causes & Cures (Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi)

Marital Discord : Causes & Cures (Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi)

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ISBN: 9960956237
Author: Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors (October 2004)
Pages: 154 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

A blissful marriage is both stable and peaceful; it abounds with mutual love, compassion and mercy, while disagreement and discord are reduced to a minimum level. This book contains the foundations for a happy marriage; it calls attention to the most common marital problems that people complain about, and then after that diagnosis, it contains an important discussion on how couples can best deal with and solve marital disagreements.

IntroductionChapter OneThe Foundations Of A Happy MarriageA Sound ChoiceReligion Should Be The Primary Factor When One Chooses A SpouseShared DutiesIt Is Compulsory For A Woman To Serve Her HusbandIt Is Compulsory For A Woman To Obey Her HusbandHe Is Nothing More Than Your Paradise And Your Hell-fireTo Obey One's Husband Is Like Performing JihadIt Is Recommended For A Man To Help His Wife In HouseholdRelated Work And ChoresKindness And Patience In Dealing With One's WifeOverlooking At Least Some Of A Woman's FaultsWhenever A Man Desires Sexual Relations, His Wife Must Not Refuse HimWithout Due Cause, A Man Should Not Break Off Ties From His Wife; And He Must Not Be NegligentIn Satisfying Her Sexual Needs.When Is It Permissible For A Man To Stay Away From His Wife's Bed?A Woman Must Take Part In The Preliminaries Of Sexual RelationsWhen She Has To Choose Between Voluntary Acts Of Worship And Her Husband's Needs, A Woman Should Give Precedence To The LatterA Woman Must Not Describe The Beauty Of Another Woman To Her HusbandIt Is Forbidden, Upon Both Husband And Wife, To Divulge Their Intimate Bedroom Secrets To A Third PartyCleanliness And AdornmentModeration Is Required tricking One's Wife: To What Degree Is Doing So Permissible Or DislikedThe Best Job For A WomanHow A Woman Should Treat Her In-LawsChoose Righteous Friends And Stay Away FromEvil CompanionsTo Bring A Female Servant Into One's Home Is A DangerousChapter One (Continued)Proposition Indeed!Don't Undress Outside Of The HomeDon't Delve Into Your Husband's PastAvoid Arousing The Suspicion Of OthersThe Importance Of Prudent Spending On The PartOf Husband And WifeJustice Between WivesLawful Games And EntertainmentChapter TwoSome Of The Causes Of Marital DiscordAl-GhairahJealousy And False Suspicion Lead To Marital Discord, And Perhaps Even To The Dissolution Of A MarriageA Mans GhairahThe Evils Of The TongueThe Satellite Dish, Playing Cards, And Other Frivolous DiversionsHarshness And Rough Treatment Of One's WifeDeviation From The Purposes Of MarriageMiserliness And GreedThe Nature Of A Man Or Woman's WorkWhen A Husband Meddles In His Wife's BusinessProcreationOther Causes Of Marital DiscordChapter ThreeHow To Resolve Disagreements Between SpousesThe Incident That Prompted The Revealing Of These VersesA Brief DigressionMans Right To Lead And To DisciplineThe Ideal Woman's Approach To Resolving Marital DisagreementsAn Example And A Potent CureFive Killer Mistakes That Husbands And Wives Commit During An Argument Or A Dispute1. Hiding One's Intentions And Feelings2. Inviting Others To Take Part In The Dispute3. Rushing To The Courthouse4. Destroying The Other Persons Confidence And Sense Of Self-Dignity5. Fighting In Front Of The ChildrenConclusion


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