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Forty Solutions to Your Marriage Problems (Salih Al-Munajjid Muhammad)

Forty Solutions to Your Marriage Problems (Salih Al-Munajjid Muhammad)



ISBN: 1874263884
Author: Salih Al-Munajjid Muhammad
Publisher: Al-Firdous Ltd. (2006)
Pages: 61 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

What are the means of reforming our homes? This booklet contains advice on this topic. May Allah benefit us from it, and cause the Muslims to focus their efforts on reviving the Muslim home. All the following advice revolves around two things: achieving our interests, which is by establishing that which is right and good, and warding off evil, by removing that which can cause it or bring it into our homes.Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): 'And Allah has made for you in your homes an abode' [al-Nahl, 16:80].Ibn Katheer (Ra) said: 'Here Allah, may He be blessed and exalted, is mentioning His complete blessing to His slaves: 'He has given them homes which are a peaceful abode for them, to which they retreat as a haven which covers them and gives them all kinds of benefits.''

What does the home represent to each one of us? Is it not the place where he eats, enjoys intimacy with his wife, sleeps and rests? Is it not the place where he can be alone and can meet with his wife and children?

About Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid --
He was born in 1381 AH. He completed his elementary, middle and secondary schooling in Riyadh, and completed his university studies in al-Dahran, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.He attended the classes of Shaykh ĉAbd al-ĉAzeez ibn ĉAbd-Allaah ibn Baaz, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-ĉUthaymeen and Shaykh ĉAbd-Allaah ibn ĉAbd al-Rahmaan al-Jibreen; they were the shaykhs from whom he learned the most. He also studied under Shaykh ĉAbd al-Rahmaan ibn Naasir al-Barraak and Shaykh Muhammad, the son Seedi al-Habeeb al-Shanqeeti. He learned the recitation of the QurĈaan from Shaykh SaĈeed Aal ĉAbd-Allaah.

Among his shaykhs from whom he learned were also Shaykh Saalih ibn Fawzaan Aal Fawzaan, Shaykh ĉAbd-Allaah ibn Muhammad al-Ghunaymaan, Shaykh ĉAbd al-Muhsin al-Zaamil and Shaykh ĉAbd al-Rahmaan ibn Saalih al-Mahmood.

Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid writes books and articles using only authentic, scholarly sources based on the Quran and sunnah, and other reliable contemporary scholarly opinions. References are provided where appropriate in the responses.The Shaykh is involved with where you will see a many of his articles

'O you who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones.' {TM Qur'an al-Tahreem 66:6}'My Lord! Forgive me, and my parents, and him who enters my home as a believer, and all the believing men and women. . .' {TM Qur'an al-Nooh 71:28}


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