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When Muslim Marriage Fails : Divorce Chronicles and Commentaries (Suzy Ismail)

When Muslim Marriage Fails : Divorce Chronicles and Commentaries (Suzy Ismail)

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ISBN: 9781590080641
Author: Suzy Ismail; Mohamed Rida Beshir (foreword)
Publisher: Amana Publications (2010)
Pages: 126 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

"In this important work, author Suzy Ismail takes on the topic of crumbling Muslim marriages in the West. Using a refreshing storytelling approach, this book gives readers a view into five different failed marriages, both from the husbands' and the wives' perspectives, followed by commentary on why each marriage failed. Each story is different, and yet common themes such as miscommunication and a lack of common life visions repeat themselves again and again. By telling each story from both sides, the author also gives us a chance to truly see how two people can have such different perspectives and feelings on a shared situation, and in this way, reminds us of the great importance of communication in all our close relationships. The stories span from young couples unable to survive the early stages of marriage to parents of adult children leaving each other after decades in loveless relationships. They also tackle important topics such as domestic abuse, cultural differences, and infidelity. This book will undoubtedly enter into the must-read category for family literature for Muslims here in the West." -
Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir

About the Author --

SUZY ISMAIL currently teaches in the Communication Department at DeVry University. She received her Bachelor's in English, Communication, and Middle Eastern Studies, her Master's in Communication and Information Studies, and attended Rutgers University as a doctoral student in the field of Intercultural Organizational Communication. She is also the author of "The BFF Sisters" and other pending works. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children.


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