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Songs and Nasheeds on Audio CD

Songs and Nasheeds on Audio CD

Fueled by the creative and talented efforts of Muslims such as Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and Dawud Wharnsby-Ali, a new generation of Islamically-oriented, positive halal musical entertainment has emerged to meet the entertainment needs of an Ummah in search of its self.

Encompassing messages of taqwa (God-consciousness), iman (Islamic belief), morality, following Allah (swt) and his Messenger (sws), spirituality, and more, these products enable Muslims, their families, and friends, to turn and relax to high-quality, beautiful entertainment in their quest to live just, righteous lives.

Mehboob e Yazdaan (audio CD) URDU Naats Religious Songs URDU ONLY (Junaid Jamshed)
African Sounds (audio CD) Mecca2Medina
Salam (audio CD) Irfan Makki
Salawat (audio CD) Mesut Kurtis
"A is for Allah" (2-CD set) (Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens)
Raihan - Puji Pujiyan (CD)
Children of Heaven (CD) Zain Bhika
Light Upon Light CD
Sunshine, Dust and the Messenger (CD) Dawud Wharnsby-Ali
Road to Madina (CD) Dawud Wharnsby-Ali
The Prophet's Hands (CD) Dawud Wharnsby-Ali & Friends
We Love Muhammad (Audio CD) Life in Mecca Part 1
Quran for Little Muslims 2 (CD)
We Are Muslims 1 CD (w/ music)
We Are Muslims 2 CD (w/ music)
Qur'an for Little Muslims 1 CD
Can't You See (audio CD) Rashid Bhika, Abdul Malik Ahmed
Qur'an for Little Muslims 3 (audio CD)
Poetically Speaking (CD) Brother Dash
A Different Drum (audio CD) Dawud Wharnsby Ali
Ahmad Yaa Habibi (audio CD) Shaykh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh
The Poets and the Prophet (audio CD) Dawud Wharsby Ali (Musical Instruments)
Out Seeing the Fields (audio CD) : Musical Instruments : Dawud Wharsby Ali
Ya Rabbi (O Lord) Qatrunada (audio CD)
Muslim Stories for Children (7 Audio CD Album) (a.k.a. A Treasury of Islamic Tales)
No Name
My Ummah : Sami Yusuf (audio CD) Percussion Instruments only Version
The Colors of Islam (CD) Dawud Wharnsby Ali
A Whisper of Peace (CD) Dawud Wharnsby Ali
I Have No Cannons That Roar (CD) Yusuf Islam, Dino Merlin, Aziz Alili, Send Podojak, Burhan Saban, Abd al Lateef Whiteman
Musafir (audio CD) Shahid Falahi
Blind Alphabetz Luvolution (audio nasheed CD)
Qur'an for Little Muslims 3 Audio CD Set
American Nasheed CD Mustaqiim Sahir

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