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The Poets and the Prophet (audio CD) Dawud Wharsby Ali (Musical Instruments)

The Poets and the Prophet (audio CD) Dawud Wharsby Ali (Musical Instruments)

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Beloved Musika (2006)
Product specifications: Audio CD Approximate running time: 48 minutes
Item type: Audio CD

Product description:

Canadian singer/songwriter Dawud Wharnsby and Ontario based writer/guitarist Bill Kocher, celebrate a joining of faith, culture and musical style. "The Poets And The Prophet" is a statement of hope in the midst of today’s increasing social, religious and political tensions. Wharnsby and Kocher (friends and musical colleagues since their teens) reconnected musically in 2001, through a simple effort to reflect artistically on their unique lifestyles and independent growth as writers and artists. A six month period of weekly coffee and song-writing sessions resulted in the accumulation of over 20 demos - most recorded as improvisational expressions into a tape machine left running at each meeting. Wharnsby and Kocher felt, more than ever, that their efforts to demonstrate “unity” through their music, should reach the masses. The material featured on their debut joint recording, and the free downloads available on this site only, intimately hit several issues of social concern: Struggle for identity, family violence, religious hypocrisy and conflict resolution.

Recruiting a diverse team of session musicians and featured guests, Wharnsby and Kocher’s "The Poet's And The Prophet" unites prominent artists with varying musical passions (Jazz, R&B, Folk, World-Beat, Classical and Pop), spiritual foundations (Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Atheist, seeker...), and cultural backgrounds. Among the CD’s featured artists are, double bass legend Danny Thompson (United Kingdom), Canadian songwriter and 2007 Juno Award winner Stephen Fearing, world renowned sitar master Irshad Khan (India/Canada), R&B vocalist Priyesh Shukla and top Canadian oboist James Mason. The recording has been produced by Canadian arranger, composer and artist Trevor Yuile.

Beloved Musika with Enter into Peace brings you 'The Poets and The Prophet', which combines together a unique mix of featured artists and presents an obvious maturing of Dawuds lyrical expression. 10 moving and inspirational tracks on one album.

Track Listing: (listen to online MP3 audio clips!)

1. You are the only one
2. Everyday
3. The Prophet
4. Love Strong
5. Midnight
6. Block
7. The Poets
8. Vacuous Waxing
9. Prophet for profit
10. Follow


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