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A Different Drum (audio CD) Dawud Wharnsby Ali

A Different Drum (audio CD) Dawud Wharnsby Ali

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Sound Vision (2007)
Product specifications: Ages 4-Adult
Item type: Audio CD

Product description:

Layers of Rhythm, combined with spiritual lyrics mark a new phase in Dawud's artistry. Re-interpreting some old favorites, as well as some brand new material, a Different Drum is great for young and old alike.

On a Different Drum, Dawud teams up with the Fletcher Valve Drummers. Using all sorts of percussive instruments, the Fletcher Valve Drummers add a whole new dimension to Dawud's already complex, yet straightforward style.

A must buy for any fan of Dawud Wharnsby, or the Fletcher Valve Drummers, or for those who have any interest in modern Islamic Music.


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