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African Sounds (audio CD) Mecca2Medina

African Sounds (audio CD) Mecca2Medina

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Publisher: DawaMedia Productions (2004)
Voice: Mecca2Medina
Media: Audio CD (1)
Total running time: unknown

Product description:

from the publisher:

"The UKs first and most successful Islamic Hip Hop and Ragga group.

Although Islam is still the fastest growing religion worldwide,It is generally felt that Muslim children growing in Western influenced societies, have found it hard to readily recognise the beauty of the gift Allah (SWT) has generously bestowed upon them.

Enter Mecca2Medina, from deep within the inner city of London, The Best of all Planners, has taken the veils off four individuals. Four individuals, whom, He has given the gift of creating stimulating thoughts through poetic verses, He has revealed to these individuals this beautiful gift. Now through inspiration, using others, He sends these four individuals into the lands to inform and remind the people of the Gift He, Allah (SWT) has bestowed on His Creation, The Gift that is Islam. "

Listen to an online audio clip:

Do You Know Him? (WMA)

P.E.A.C.E. (WMA)

Don't They Know About Allah? (WMA)


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