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Salam (audio CD) Irfan Makki

Salam (audio CD) Irfan Makki

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Publisher: Sound Vision (2004)
Voice: Irfan Makki
Media: Audio CD (1)
Total running time: 40 mins (approx.)

Product description:

Irfan Makki, featured artist on the Light Upon Light CD compilation,has released his first solo CD with a greeting of “Peace”! A Canadian based singer/ songwriter, Irfan’s unique form of new and exciting nasheed reflects his North American upbringing, combined with the sincerity of a young man raised in a home of strong faith, surrounded by a close family ofrespected Qaris and protectors of Qur’an. His debut CD, “Salam” offers up poems and images with the innocence of a child-like observer, and the wisdom of an elderly man - blended with world-beat percussion, South Asian rhythms and a distinctive urban R&B vocal style.


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