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Qur'an for Little Muslims 3 Audio CD Set

Qur'an for Little Muslims 3 Audio CD Set

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Noorart (2011)
Product specifications: 3 Audio CD set
Item type: Audio CD

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Introduce Your Children to the Qur’an!

We’ve collected all of our Qur’an for Little Muslims series CDs in one great package. Imaginative stories provide tangible illustrations of how any child can apply the wisdom of the Qur’an throughout the day. Rather than by attempting to translate or explain the meaning of Allah’s words, themes and morals of the suras are presented in story form, interwoven with drama, dialogue and sound effects. Sister Noor’s riveting narrations engage and entertain while young Qur’anic reciters offer youthful role models for Qur’an recitation with fresh voices and clarity. They’re going to LOVE learning about Islam!

Noor Saadeh
Little Muslims throughout the world know and love Noor’s songs and stories. Her special gift for harmonies and dramatic flair has caught the public eye since she was a child. Noor was pursuing her love of theatre and music, enjoying a blossoming career as a concert musician in New York City, when she embraced Islam. Since then, she has been captivating children worldwide, sharing her talents and enthusiasm for Islam.

Explore the Wonders of the Qur’an!
Imaginative stories impart the spirit and themes of the short Suras and other verses. Your kids will soar with their new found understanding and practice of the timeless message of the Holy Qur’an!

Track Listing for Qur'an for Little Muslims 1:
1. Al Fil
2. Al Alaq
3. Al Maun
4. Al Asr
5. Al Fatiha
6. Al Falaq
7. Al Nas
8. Al Masad
9. Al Nasr
10. Sura recitation

Track Listing for Qur'an for Little Muslims 2:

1. Al Ikhlas
2. Al Kafirun
3. Al 'Adiyaat
4. Al Humazah
5. Al Quraish
6. Al Qari'ah
7. Sura Recitation

Track Listing for Qur'an for Little Muslims 3: 1. Introduction
2. Chicken Spots (Surat Al Sharh)
3. The Trophy (Surat Al Takathur)
4. A Dream (Surat Al Zilzal)
5. Halloween (Surat Al Kawthar)
6. Night of Power (Surat Al Qadr)
7. Sura Recitation
8. Noorart, Inc.

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