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Ahmad Yaa Habibi (audio CD) Shaykh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh

Ahmad Yaa Habibi (audio CD) Shaykh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Nur al-Habib Productions (2006)
Product specifications: Arabic and English Nasheed CD
Item type: Audio CD

Product description:

A fantastic album of Arabic and English nasheeds sung with traditional melodies from around the Middle East by Shaykh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh from Syria. Shaykh Ahmad is an internationally award-winning munshid and Qari whose mastery of the maqamat is evident in his captivating style. This album consists of eight traditional nasheeds sung with English and Arabic lyrics. A must for your CD collection.

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  • Artist: Shaykh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh
  • Tracks:
  • Ahmad Ya Habibi
  • La ilaha illa Allah
  • Salla Allahu ala Muhammad
  • Ya Rasulullah, Ya Habibullah
  • Allahuma Salli Ala Muhammad
  • Mawlana
  • Waa Shauqaa
  • Extracts of Qasida Burda
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