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A Muslim Boy's Guide to Life's Big Changes (Sami Khan) Ages 10 to Teen
A Muslim Girl's Guide to Life's Big Changes (Rayhana Khan) Ages 10 to Teens
The Islamic Year : Surahs, Stories and Celebrations (Crafts, Festivals and Family Activities Series)
Stories from Islamic History (for Children) (Sayyed Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi)
A Starlight View of Islam's Past (Sayyed Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi)
The Minaret Speaks (Sayyed Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi)
Muslim Family Set (4 Book Boxed Set with 1 Audio CD)
Islam : Beliefs & Teachings (Ghulam Sarwar)
Islam for Children (Ahmad Von Denffer) Ages 7 to 11
How to Pray Salat (Salah, Daily Prayer) Kid's Book : Quran Stories for Little Hearts Series : paperback (Saniyasnain Khan) Ages 4 to 6
A to Z of Akhlaaq : Moral Values for Children (Sr. Nafees Khan) Ages 4 to 8
Basic Duas for Children (Nafees Khan) Ages 4 to 10
The Junior Encyclopaedia of Islam (Saniyasnain Khan, Mohammad Irfan Emrani) Hardcover
Learning About Islam (Saniyasnain Khan, Maryam Kinte)
Can I Ask About Islaam? Book One: the Pillars of Faith
In the Prophet's Garden : A Selection of Ahadith for the Young Fatima M O'Doyen and Abdelkader Chachi
What Do We Say (A Guide To Islamic Manners) Ages 3 to 6
What Should We Say? Ages 6 to 9 (A.R. Kidwai & Fatima D'Oyen)
I'm Learning About Eid ul-Fitr (Saniyasnain Khan) Ages 6 to 10
I'm Learning about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Saniyasnain Khan
Allah Our Creator : Ocean of Knowledge Educational Series Book 1 (Sajida Nazlee)
Idrees in Ramadhaan
Talhah in the Mosque
A Muslim Child's Way of Life
The Sciences of the Qur'an for Children
The Islamic Reader : Islamic Studies for Young People (Mahmood Ibraheem El-Geyoushi)
My Wudu Book (Dar us Salam Staff) Ages 4 to 10+
My Du'a Book (Dar us Salam Staff) Ages 4 to 10+
My Prayer Book (Dar us Salam Staff) Ages 4 to 10+
The Children's Book of Islam : Part 2 (M M Ahsan) Ages 7 to 11+
The Children's Book of Islam : Part 1 (M M Ahsan) Ages 7 to 11+
Assalamu Alaykum (M S Kayani) Ages 4 to 8
Islam for Younger People : Revised 4th Edition (Ghulam Sarwar)
My Little Book of Light
Our Book Of Du'a: For Children
Teachings of our Prophet (pbuh) (Abidullah & Tasneema Ghazi) Ages 8 to 12
The Incredible Qur'an : 500 Multiple-Choice, Short Answer and True False Questions
The Revelation (Sami Ayoub, Vivian Taylor Ayoub)

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