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Modern Political History of the Islamic Nations of the 20th Century

Books - History, Politics, Biographies Law (Fiqh) and Modernity - Modern Political History of the Islamic Nations of the 20th Century

Return of the Pharaoh: Memoir in Nasir's Prison (Zainab al-Ghazali)
Riding the Spears : The Contemporary Muslim World
Sacrilege Versus Civility: Muslim Perspectives on the Satanic Verses Affair
The Muslims of Bosnia:Genocide of a People
The Renaissance Party in Tunisia: Quest for Freedom & Democracy
The Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite
A Concise History of Pakistan
Shattered Illusions : Analysing the War on Terrorism (Aftab Ahmed Malik)
Reasserting International Islam: A Focus on the Organization of the Islamic Conference and Other Islamic Institutions
Pakistan: Islamic Nation in Crisis (Ali Nawaz Memon)
Muslims in France: The Way Towards Co-existence
Indian Muslims : The Need for a Positive Outlook (Maulana Wahiduddin Khan)
Race With Death : 22 True Stories from the Bosnian War
Vanguard of the Islamic Revolution: the Jama'at-Islamic of Pakistan
Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity:The Search for Saladin (Akbar Ahmed)
The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran
Islamic Reform: Politics & Social Change in Late Ottoman Syria
The Turban for the Crown: the Islamic Revolution in Iran
The Hypocrites: My Middle East Travels Between 1959-1989
Islamisation/Malaynisation: A Study on the Role of Islamic Law in the Economic Development of Malaysia: 1969-1993
Subverting Islam - the Role of Orientalist Centres (Ahmad Ghorab)
The Judgement of Islam on Crimes of Salman Rushdie
Islam in Asia : Religion, Politics & Society (edited by John Esposito)
Three Great Islamic Movements in the Arab World of the Recent Past
Geography of the Muslim World
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World : 4 volume set ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

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