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The Circle : A Story of Palestine (H Edward Schmidt)

The Circle : A Story of Palestine (H Edward Schmidt)

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ISBN: 9781974024841
Author: H Edward Schmidt
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 386 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

June 1907

They are here! They have arrived in the Holy Land! The Poletsky family; Arach; Rivka and their two children Sarah and Yitzhak. They gaze from the ship in the busy port of Jaffa. Beyond the shore is the land of their dreams.

Arach will work with the Jewish National Fund to purchase land for the new settlers; coming in increasing numbers in the second aliyeh.

In Jerusalem; Abdul Latif works with his son Ismael in Abdul's shop. They have heard the news of their new neighbors who would be arriving soon from Russia. Abdul hopes they will be good neighbors like the Weizmann's.

With the arrival of the Poletsky's; Ismael; Sarah and Yitzhak become close friends; their friendship untouched by the growing tension between Jews and Arabs all around them.

June 1917

The Great War engulfs Palestine. Fueled by British promises of lands now part of the Ottoman Empire; the Arabs revolt. Ismael joins the revolt; fighting beside Major Lawrence; the British advisor to Faisal. The young feda'ee returns home a hero; full of hope for a free Palestine.

The British promise the same land to the Jews to establish a homeland. Yitzhak; caught in the heady dream of a Jewish nation joins the Circle. A secret organization known only to a few; its charter is the murder of the enemies of Zionism.

The deceit of the British pits Arabs against Jews; but also Jews against Jews; many who do not share the Zionist vision of a Jewish state but one where Jews and Arabs are citizens of a free Palestinian state. Sarah and her father share this vision which drives a wedge between father and son; sister and brother.

June 1920

On a beautiful spring morning; Yitzhak turns onto his street. What he sees stuns him. Standing before their home; a smiling Sarah talking to a tall young Arab. It is Ismael; whom he had not seen for three years. Ismael; his closest friend. 'What have I done!?' he mutters to himself.


They had ridden east at a steady pace most of the day; distancing themselves from their British pursuers. As they rode; Ismael could think of nothing but his father. Now; as they rested in the shade of an olive grove; he broke his silence. ' I must find the killers of my father; Ahmed. '

The tall feda'ee rose and took the reins of his black stallion Mukhtar leading him out of the cool shade into the sun.

Swinging easily into his saddle; Ismael looked down at his friend who had served with him in every battle with the Turks. 'Say a prayer for me; my good friend.'

'I will go with you.'

Wheeling Mukhtar to face the sea; he shouted. 'I must do this alone. If I need for you; I will find you.'

'Where will you go?'

'I will begin where the British will not think to look. In Haifa.'


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