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Islam and the Econonomic Challenge
Economic Concepts Of Ibn Taymiyah
Economic Security in Islam
Essays in Islamic Economics
Insurance in an Islamic Economy
Islam, Poverty and Income Distribution
Islamic Economics Theory & Practice : Comp. Study
Model of an Islamic Bank
Objectives of the Islamic Economic Order
Public Duties In Islam: The Institution of the Hisba (Ibn Taymiya)
Role of the State in the Economy: An Islamic Perspective
The Economic Fuctions of the Early Islamic State
Towards a Just Monetary System
Economic Development & Social Peace in Islam
Economic Doctrines of Islam Vol. I to IV
Riba : Usury or Interest : Its Condemnation by the Shariah (Islamic Law) and a Proposed Alternative (Imtiaz Ali)
The Law and Institution of Zakat (Farishta G de Zayas)
e-Business : An Islamic Perspective (Hurriyah El-Islamy)
An Important Warning Against Ribaa (Usury & Interest Transactions) Shaykh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
Islamic Law of Business Organization: Partnerships (Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee)
Islamic Banking and Finance : Current Developments in Theory and Practice
Islamic Economic Institutions and the Elimination of Poverty (Munawar Iqbal)
Zakat Calculation : Primarily Based on Fiqh uz Zakat by Yusuf al Qaradawi
Zaytuna Institute Papers
Islamic Business Ethics (Rafik Beekun)
Istisna (Manufacturing Contracts) in Islamic Banking and Finance (Law & Practice)
The Text of the Historic Judgement on Riba (23 December 1999) Given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan
Islamic Commercial Law : An Analysis of Futures and Options (Mohammad Hashim Kamali)
Technique of the Coup de Banque
Islamic Banking and Finance: Another Approach (A L M Abdul Ghafoor)
Commercial Banking in the Presence of Inflation (A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor)
The Future of Economics: An Islamic Perspective
Economic Teachings of Prophet Muhammad : A Select Anthology of Hadith Literature on Economics (Muhammad Akram Khan)
Distributive Justice & Need Fulfilment in an Islamic Economy (Munawar Iqbal)
The Islamic Economy
Transactions in Islamic Law
Participatory Financing Through Investment Banks and Commercial Banks
Interest-Free Commercial Banking (Abdul Gafoor)
Sales and Contracts in Early Islamic Law
Kitab al-Amwal "The Book of Revenue" (Abu Jafar Ahmad Ibn Nasr al-Daudi al-Maliki al-Asadi)
An Introduction to Islamic Economics (Indian Print)
Business Ethics in Islam
Economic Doctrines of Islam : A Study in the Doctrines of Islam and Their Implications for Poverty, Employment and Economic Growth
The Mechanism of Gold Dinar (Nuradli Ridzwan Shah Bin Mohd Dali)
The Book of Revenue : Kitab al-Amwal (Abu Ubayd Al-Qasim Ibn Sallam)
Banking Without Interest : Revised Edition (Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi)
Economic Justice in Islam : Monetary Justice and the Way out of Interest (Riba) (Hifzur Rab)
Shar'iah Standard of Business Contract (Mohd. Ma'sum Billah)
Islamic Banking : Finance and Insurance: A Global Overview (Salahuddin Ahmed)
Interest, Usury, Riba and the Operational Costs of a Bank (A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor)
Muslim Economic Thinking : A Survey of Contemporary Literature (Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi)
Critical Issues on Islamic Banking and Financial Markets : Islamic Economics, Banking & Finance, Investments, Takaful and Financial Planning (Saiful Azhar Rosly)
Ethics and Economics : An Islamic Synthesis (Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi)
Banking : The Root Cause of the Injustices of our Time : Revised Edition (Abdalhalim Orr, Abdassamad Clarke)
Islamic Banking & Murabaha (Dr. Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Samadani)
The Issue of Interest Including Commercial Interest (Mufti Muhammad Shafi)
Kitab al Amwal : Abu Ubayd's Concept of Public Finance (Ugi Suharto)
Between Islamic Banking and the Gold Dinar : A Compilation of Paper and Articles (Nik Mahani Mohamad)
Profit and Loss Sharing Method of Finance : An Empirical Study in a Western Country (Dr. Abulkhair Jalaluddin)
Islamic Banking and Uncertainty (Dr. Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Samadani)
First Principles of Islamic Economics (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi)
Economic Security in Islam (Yusuf al Qaradawi)
Capital and Profit Sharing in Islamic Equity Financing - Issues and Prospects (Muhammad Abdurrahman Sadique)
Introduction to Islamic Rules of Financial Accounting (Ahmed M. Abohebeish)
Islamic Finance: Issues in Sukuk and Proposals for Reform (Mohammad Hashim Kamali, A.K. Abdullah)
Your Money Matters: The Islamic Approach to Business. Money, and Work (Mohammad Rahman, Ph.D.)
Banking Without Interest (Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi)
Issues in Islamic Banking : Selected Papers (Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi)
40 Hadiths Relating to Islamic Finance (AbdulShaheed Drew)
Islamic Finance : A Practical Introduction (Tasnim Nazeer)

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