Established 1997
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Economic Concepts Of Ibn Taymiyah

Economic Concepts Of Ibn Taymiyah



ISBN: 0614215285
Author: Abdul Azim Islahi
Publisher: Islamic Foundation (UK)
Pages: 286 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Economic Concepts of Ibn Taimiyah is the first book in English studying the economic thought of a great Islamic scholar. The invaluable contributions of Ibn Taimiyah to Fiqh , Kalam and other Shari'ah sciences are well known . What this versatile genius has to say on the role of state in the economic , on public finance , money , interest , prices , partnership and profit-sharing and a host of other economic issues is repatriated and analyzed in their historical context . A comparison of Ibn Taimiyah's economic ideas with those of some medieval scholars in Europe , and a study of his influence on Islamic thinkers in later distinctive features of the work


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