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What is Permissible Now!? (Abdulkader Steven Thomas)

What is Permissible Now!? (Abdulkader Steven Thomas)

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ISBN: 9810060491
Author: Abdulkader Steven Thomas
Publisher: The Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (1995)
Pages: 119 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Understanding Islamic Financial Principles in the Modern World How do you "convert" a bank into an Islamic finance house? Is Insurance permissible in Islam? What are the Islamic principles of money management? What is riba? When do Islamic concepts fit within US Securities rules? These compelling questions, that have been puzzling Muslims in the West for decades, are thoughtfully addressed here, with evidence from Islamic sources. Topics are presented as a series of essays and interviews and the author is a leading expert on Islamic finance.

ISBN-13 (alternate) 978-9810060497


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