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The Autobiography of Malcolm X : As Told To Alex Haley
Servants of Allah : African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas (Sylviane Diouf)
Islam in the African-American Experience (Second Edition)
Defining Legends : An Analysis of Afrocentric Writings Against Islam (AbdulHaq al-Ashanti)
A Thinking Persons Guide to Islam: The Essence of Islam in Twelve Verses from the Quran
American Muslims : Bridging Faith and Freedom
The Empire and the Crescent : Global Implications for a New American Century
American Jihad : Islam After Malcom X (Steven Barboza)
Silent No More (PB): Confronting America's False Images of Islam
Muslims in America : Seven Centuries of History (1312-1998) : Collections and Stories of American Muslims
Losing My Religion : A Call for Help (Jeffrey Lang)
Scattered Pictures : Reflections of an American Muslim (Imam Zaid Shakir)
Riding the Roller Coaster : A Muslim Perspective on Overcoming the Challenges of Life (Javed Mohammed)
Strategic Planning and Implementation for Islamic Organizations (Rafik Issa Beekun)
Muslims in American History : A Forgotten Legacy (Dr. Jerald F. Dirks)
Born in the USA : Reflections of an Arab & Muslim-American Journalist (Ahmed M Soliman)
Islamophobia and Anti-Americanism : Causes and Remedies (Mohamed Nimer)
The Islam Papers : The 1893 World Parliament of Religion (Muhammed A. al-Ahari)
Islam in America and other Writings (Muhammed Alexander Russell Webb)
Taking Islam to the Street : The Da'wah of the Islamic Party of North America (Muhammed A. al-Ahari)
Five Classic Muslim Slave Narratives (Muhammed A. al-Ahari)
Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation (Paperback) (Eboo Patel)
Transplanted : A Memoir of Faith and Vision for American Muslims (Dr. Mahmood Sarram)
Letters to My Elders in Islam : Advice to the Muslim Community of America (Dr. Jerald Dirks)
The Five Percenters : Islam, Hip-Hop and the Gods of New York (Michael Muhammad Knight)
Bilali Muhammad : Muslim Jurisprudist in Antebellum Georgia (Muhammed Abdullah al Ahari)
Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet [Ibrahim Abdul-Matin; Keith Ellison (foreword)]
The Guaranteed Path for Redemption and Rectification for the Incarcerated Muslim : Lessons, Morals, and Verdicts (Authentic Statements)
Where I'm Coming From : The Year in Review (Imam Zaid Shakir)
A Muslim's Guide to American Politics & Government (Raeed N Tayeh)
Observing the Observer : The State of Islamic Studies in American Universities (Ed. Mumtaz Ahmad, Zahid Bukhari & Sulayman Nyang)
CAIR's Media Relations Handbook for Muslim Activists
The Principles of Leadership - in the Light of Islamic Heritage and the American Experience (Dr. Yusef bin 'Othman al-Huzaim)
The Inspired Manager : 40 Islamic Principles for Successful Management (Shabeer Ahmad, Maaz Gazdar)
How to Make It in Today’s World: A Modern Muslim’s Survival Guide (Michael Tofte)
Does God Hate Black People?: Race and Religion (Ismael Bilal Saleem)
The Effect of Homosexuality and Pornography on Society (Shaykh Michael Mumisa)
American Muslims : Voir Dire : Speak the Truth (Ahmed Younis)
Islamic Issues In America (Abdul Majeed Subh) : An Egyptian Scholar's Views on Various Topics after a Visit to the U.S.
First Impressions : American Muslim Perspectives on the 9/11 Commission Report (American Muslim Task Force)
For God And Country : Faith and Patriotism Under Fire (Chaplain James Yusuf Yee) Hardcover
Refuting ISIS : A Rebuttal of its Religious and Ideological Foundations (Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi)

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