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Revolution by the Book (The Rap is Live) Imam Jamil al-Amin

Revolution by the Book (The Rap is Live) Imam Jamil al-Amin



Imam Jamil el-Amin
200 pg PB

It is criminal that, in the 1990?s, we still approach struggle? sloganeering, saying, ?by any means necessary,? as if that?s a program. Or, ?we shell overcome,? as if that?s a program. Slogans are not programs. We must define the means, which will bring about change. This can be found in? [what] Allah has brought for us in the Qur?an and in the example of the Prophet. Our revolution must be according to what Almighty God revealed.

The struggle is an ongoing program? When the first slave rebelled against being a slave, he gave an alternative to slavery that has been built upon until now. That?s struggle; and there have been many movements in the struggle?The abolitionist movement, the antislavery movement, the civil right movement, but, the struggle still goes on.

The mission of a believer in Islam is totally different from coexisting or being the part of the system. The prevailing morals are wrong. Their ethics are wrong. Western philosophy? has reduced man to food, clothing, shelter, and the sex drive, which means he doesn?t have a spirit? Successful struggle requires a Divine Program. Allah has provided that program.


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