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Islamic Studies Level 7 (Weekend Learning School Curriculum)

Islamic Studies Level 7 (Weekend Learning School Curriculum)

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ISBN: 9781936569632
Author: Mansur Ahmad & Husain A. Nuri
Publisher: Weekend Learning Publishers (2018)
Pages: 240 Binding: Paperback

The Level 7 book is intended for children ages 12–15 who have completed the Level 4 book from Weekend Learning or who have a similar knowledge base of Islam.

All lessons are presented thematically in distinct units. Unit 1 focuses on the Creator and His religion. This unit answers questions about Allāh, Islam, faith, and the Qur’ān. As in other levels, the stories of some of the Messengers are discussed in Unit 2. A few other fascinating stories from the Qur’ān are presented in Unit 3. Unit 4 discusses the life and contributions of two companions who shaped the early history of Islam. Several diverse topics to enrich students’ knowledge are discussed in Unit 5. Unit 6 describes several moral and ethical issues addressed in the Qur’ān. Proper adab and akhlaq learned from the Qur’ān is the best.

Description from the publisher:

The Islamic Studies books from WeekendLearning are based on a comprehensive 12-year curriculum. The curriculum contains broad aspect of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith. The topics in the curriculum are laid out in a systematic manner to suit the teaching needs in a weekend Islamic school. Topics are selected based on age, grade and learning levels of each grade. Some topics are covered in multiple grades to add different perspective, details and additional emphasis. The teachers and director of the school will find continuity in the curriculum as it unfolds year to year. Teachers will know how much each student will learn year to year, and how much they will have learned at the end when they graduate out of the school.

All Islamic Studies books from WeekendLearning have age and grade appropriate lessons. Even the length and depth of each lesson and sentences in the lessons are age and grade appropriate. The lessons are tailored for 50-60 minute classes. Students in all grades will love the simple and child-friendly language and sentences in the books. The language of the lessons and the treatment of the subjects are made from children’s perspective. Even English spelling of Arabic words is age appropriate. The books do not simply disseminate knowledge, but make it relevant to the students’ life and their world. The lessons do not use a lecturing tone, but engage the students in a respectful discussion.

Level 7 Table of Contents:

Why Islam, What is Islam?The Qur'an: Its Qualitative NamesIstighfar: Seeking Forgiveness and ProtectionAllah: Angry or KindIslamic Greeting: Wishing PeaceAdam (A): The Trial of the First Human Being'Ad and Thamud: Consequences for Defying AllahLife of Ibrahim (A): Early Life and MissionLife of Ibrahim (A): Beginning of a New GenerationSacrifice of Ibrahim (A)Lut (A): Message for the Modern SocietiesYusuf (A): Will To Overcome TemptationThe Companions of the CaveDhu al-Qarnain: The Journey of a KingAbu Sufyan: His Life and AchievementsKhalid Ibn Al-Walid: The "Sword of Allah"How To Achieve SuccessCharacter of the ProphetsMarriages of Muhammad (S)Purification: Physical and Spiritual "Hygiene"Permitted and ProhibitedLailatul Qadr: The Night of MajestyFasting in Ramadan: The Month of Endless BenefitsMy Family is Muslim NowAmr bil ma'ruf: Enjoin Good DeedsGuard Your Tongue: Think Before You SpeakLessons from Past CivilizationsScince in the Qur'an


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