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Islamic Studies Level 10 (Weekend Learning School Curriculum)

Islamic Studies Level 10 (Weekend Learning School Curriculum)

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ISBN: 9780982514238
Author: Mansur Ahmad & Husain A. Nuri
Publisher: Weekend Learning Publishers (2008)
Pages: 176 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The Islamic Studies books from WeekendLearning are based on a comprehensive 12-year curriculum. The curriculum contains broad aspect of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith. The topics in the curriculum are laid out in a systematic manner to suit the teaching needs in a weekend Islamic school. Topics are selected based on age, grade and learning levels of each grade. Some topics are covered in multiple grades to add different perspective, details and additional emphasis. The teachers and director of the school will find continuity in the curriculum as it unfolds year to year. Teachers will know how much each student will learn year to year, and how much they will have learned at the end when they graduate out of the school, insha-Allah.

Book 10 includes:

  • Understanding the word "Allah"
  • Al Fatihah, an Analysis of its Message
  • Al Fatihah vs. the Lord's Prayer
  • Muhkam and Mutashabihat Verses
  • Al Asr : The Formula of Success
  • Qur'anic Calligraphy
  • The Bible and the Qur'an
  • The Ten Commandments and Islam
  • Adam and Eve in the Garden
  • Muslim Family
  • Status of Women in Islam
  • Marriage to non-Muslims
  • Marrying Four Women
  • Difficult Questions on Marriage
  • Who is the Khalifah on Earth
  • False Piety
  • Superstition
  • Do Not Transgress Limits
  • Secular and Religious Duties
  • Racism in Islam
  • Principles of Islamic Economy

    And much more.

    All Islamic Studies books from WeekendLearning have age and grade appropriate lessons. Even the length and depth of each lesson and sentences in the lessons are age and grade appropriate. The lessons are tailored for 50-60 minute classes. Students in all grades will love the simple and child-friendly language and sentences in the books. The language of the lessons and the treatment of the subjects are made from children’s perspective. Even English spelling of Arabic words is age appropriate. The books do not simply disseminate knowledge, but make it relevant to the students’ life and their world. The lessons do not use a lecturing tone, but engage the students in a respectful discussion.

    Each lesson in the WeekendLearning series books is followed by a wide variety of homework. Most homework can be finished within 10-15 minutes. The homework promotes critical thinking. Many of the homework require students consult an English translation of the Qur’an. The idea is to develop a habit of using the Qur’an as a ready reference guide. In course of time the Qur’an will become a companion in their life. When they will face challenges in life, insha-Allah they will remember to refer to the Qur’an – the ultimate source of guidance.

    Many of the teachers in weekend schools are volunteers who do not have formal teaching experience. Sometimes they feel lost when a text book is given to them to base their lectures. With Weekend Learning text books the teachers will feel comfortable as the lessons are structured, resourceful and easy to teach. In Mid-2009, many higher grade books will have optional Teachers Manual containing lesson plans and teaching guides. The manual insha-Allah, will contain a CD. The CD has question bank, ready-to-print exam questions and homework in PDF and Word files. The CD also has many of the lessons in PowerPoint

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