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Eastern or Arabian Perfumes, Body Oils, Bakhoor & Essences

Eastern or Arabian Perfumes, Body Oils, Bakhoor & EssencesAvailable in beautifully designed coffret packings with quality fragrances. These premium products offer an unbeatable value for their low cost. Imported from the Arab world. You can also learn more about the history of Swiss Arabian perfumes. Recommended technique to apply Arabian Perfume:

1) Apply to the back of each knee and the inside of each wrist. Touch the back of each earlobe with the inside of each wrist before the fragrance dries down.
2) Allow about five minutes for the dry down to experience the charm of the Arabian perfume.
3) The very best way for you to judge our fragrance is to wear it as we recommend and simply observe how other people react to your presence when you are in their space.

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