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Bakhoor Lailat Al Shaikh

Bakhoor Lailat Al Shaikh

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Al Khayam Zafron LLC
Product specifications: Bakhoor (ood charcoal)
Item type: Bakhoor (ood charcoal)

Product description:

Top notes: citrus notes; light spices

Middle notes: jasmine; rose; musk; patchouli

Base notes of cedar; sandalwood; musk

The aroma is very stable; loop; as the evening accentuate the elegance and style of the owner; not the gift of the Arabic name sounds like 'King of the Night.' In the daytime; complements the image of successful and purposeful man.

Comes in tablet form; and is easily broken up into powder. Bakhoor is the name given to woodchips soaked in fragrant oils. These are then burned in incense burners to perfume the home and clothing.

Method of burning Bakhoor:

Take a piece of arab coal and heat a corner of it with a small flame in incense burner or suitable metal dish to perfume the home and clothing specifically on special occasions. Wait for 2 minutes; then sprinkle a small amount of Bakhoor incense on to hot coal.

Sit back as the beautiful fragrance fills the room. It is truly heavenly and highly recommended. Some say its hypnotic; others call it mesmerizing.

Come and experience its fascinating fragrance and be spellbound.


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