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Tafsir Ibn Kathir 4 volume set English (Abridged) (Muhammad Anis Gad Khalil) with Arabic Qur'anic Text - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

Tafsir Ibn Kathir 4 volume set English (Abridged) (Muhammad Anis Gad Khalil) with Arabic Qur'anic Text - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

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ISBN: 977600539X
Author: Muhammad Anis Gad Khalil
Publisher: Dar Al-Manarah (2007)
Pages: 2576 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:


All praise is due to Allah who guided us to Islam and we would not have been thereto guided unless Allah has guided us, and peace and blessings be upon our Master Muhammad (PBUH) whom Allah has sent with guidance and the true religion. O Allah! Send our prayers upon our Master Muhammad and upon his household, Companions and those who follow in his footsteps righteously and perfectly.

To proceed, I have been studying books of interpretation of the Glorious Quran, but in two versions I found them, either prolonged that would make it hard to cover it all, or abridged in a way as not to include all that the interpreter seeks. I concluded that the interpretation of the Noble Quran by the prestigious Imam Al-Hafiz Imad Ad-Din Abi Al-Feda Ibn Kathir Ad-Dimashqi (774 A.H.) is such a comprehensive reference wherein one finds knowledge, narration, the mentioning of the verse and the hadith of the same concept or that which thereto refers, Occasions of revelation, Sirah (Prophet’s Biography), biography of Imams, transmission of hadith and more of that with which Almighty Allah has bestowed upon the Sheikh (may Allah rest his soul) of eloquence and demonstrative data that he has been keen to state therein his interpretation to be read by the Muslim nation generation after generation.

This interpretation in hand has been sought after because of being blessed by Allah for being effectual in Muslim’s hearts, easy to acquire, of easy phrases and form, of purport and clear-cut approach as it grants the meaning with such simplicity and explicitness. When reading this book, you will surely be captivated by such an obsessive narration; helplessly and interestingly enough, you will pursue from verse to its meaning (reference), to its coherent noble hadith, to the command implied, to the Shar’i ruling, to the wisdom thereof; hence, enjoying such permanent pleasure of being acquainted with the best outcome of the scholars of the first, second and third Hijri centuries you will be.

I decided to abridge it in one volume wherein most of its concepts are stated; as the Sheikh (may Allah rest his soul), in some cases, may state many evidences for the verse. Hence, it is interesting enough to state only some of these evidences together with some hadiths of the same purpose; yet of different transmissions, since all evidences and proofs are stated therein the original version that the one can handle whenever needed. What is really important is that Muslims should recite the Noble Quran and to acquire its interpretation through the most abridged and plainly rendered of forms. The original version; being of such highly treasure-troves, it was hard for me to brief it in one volume; hence, in two parts the version is rendered.

I invoke Allah’s bountiful reward to the meritorious Sheikh Ibn Kathir who wrote the original version, to he who abridged it, and to the reader, and to let as a means of drawing near to Allah. What I fear most is that I might unintentionally have misapprehended; hence, wrongfully abridged any concept thereof, as the book is no doubt an eminent deed and I wish this version in hand to be satisfactorily sufficient to the reader so as not to seek any other interpretation.

It a great favor of Almighty Allah that learning the Quran together with its knowledge, interpretation and rules have become the interest of youth, males and females; that in fact is attributed to their being learned. Because learning guides to the way of righteous and calamity that they found in the Noble Quran, they hastened and devoted themselves to quaff from its knowledge and interpretations. This indeed is a proclamation of good tidings and I invoke Almighty Allah to grant Muslims with righteousness and guide them to the essence of their religion, the spring of their faith, the purity of the Islamic Shari’ah (Law), and to perform that which they knew. He is All-Hearer, All-Nearer.

In addition, in word and sense, I have been, to the utmost keen on what the Sheikh rendered in his Tafsir that the light and aim of the original edition should be kept therein this abridged one. As the Sheikh (may Allah rest his soul), had a devoted heart and keen insight, his language, being complaint, has indeed become a sincere reflection thereof. Having done the best to keep the original version in word and sense therein this abridged one in hand, yet pearls and gold are neither to be changed nor substituted even if like thereof you tried the best to form. It is my urgent wish to be invoked for by the reader when he reads this edition and benefits there from; as, it is what is worthy to be treasured for me to the Day of Recompense. To the owners of Dar Al-Manarah for Publishing & Distribution in Lebanon, I pay tribute and thanks for their intensive care to help publish and distribute this abridged edition, and I invoke Allah, The Almighty to treasure His reward to the Day when neither property nor offspring will be benefit, but he who comes to Allah with pure heart.


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