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Tafseer Ibn Katheer Juz Amma (Part 30) (Sameh Strauch)

Tafseer Ibn Katheer Juz Amma (Part 30) (Sameh Strauch)

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ISBN: 9660850137
Author: Imam Ibn Kathir; Sameh Strauch (translator)
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (1999)
Pages: 302 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

The 30th part of Tafsir Ibn Kathir is comprehensive in interpretation. The meanings of the Qur'an have been interpreted by the Qur'an itself or by the traditions of the Prophet(S) and are enlightened with the thoughts and perception of the Salaf Saliheen; this is the cause that this renowned commentary is famous and favorite towards understanding the Noble Qur'an.The phrase juz amma' refers to the last 30th of the Qur'an, comprising suras 78-114. It is common for more casual students of Islam to memorize this final juz of the Qur'an, as opposed to becoming a complete hafiz.78. Sura Naba (The Great News)79. Sura Nazi'at ( Those Who tear Out )80. Sura 'Abasa (He Frowned)81. Sura Takwir (The Folding Up)82. Sura Infitar (The Cleaving Asunder)83. Sura Mutaffifin (Defrauders)84. Sura Inshiqaq (The Rending Asunder)85. Sura Buruj (The Constellations)86. Sura Tariq (The Night)87. Sura Aa'la (The Most High)88. Sura Qashiyah (The Overwhelming Event)89. Sura Fajr (Break of Down)90. Sura Balad (The City)91. Sura Shams (The Sun)92. Sura Lail (The Night)93. Sura Duha (The Glorious Mornings Light)94. Sura Inshirah (Expansion)95. Sura Tin (The Fig)96. Sura 'Alaq (The Clot)97. Sura Qadr (The Night of Honour)98. Sura Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)99. Sura Zilzal (The Quaking)100. Sura Adiyat (The Charsers)101. Sura Qari'ah (The Calamity)102. Sure Takathur (Vyins in Exuberance)103. Sura 'Asr (Time)104. Sura Humazah (The Slanderer)105. Sura Fil (The Elephant)106. Sura Quraish (Custodians of the Ka'ba)107. Sura Ma'un (Neishborly Needs)108. Sura Kauthar (The Abundance)109. Sura Kafirun (Disbelievers)110. Sura Nasr (Help)111. Sura Lahab (The Flame)112. Sura Ikhlas (Monotheism)113. Sura Falaq (The Daybreak)114. Sura Nas (Mankind)About Imam Ibn KathirHe was Hafidh Abul Fida Ismail ibn Abi Hafs Shihabuddin Omar ibn Kathir ibn Daw ibn Kathir in Zar` the Quraishite – originally from Busra (Syria) – and raised in Damascus. He followed the Shafi`ee school of thought. Ibn Kathir was born in the year 701 AH in an area called Majdal, near Busra, west of Damascus. His father died when he was only four years old and was taken in by his brother and moved to Damascus in 706. Here, he learned from great scholars such as Ibn Asakir, Ishaq ibn Yahya al-Amudi and the great Ibn Taymiyyah who was extremely close to him. He also studied under various other sheikhs who gave him permission in fiqh and Hadith. He made many academic contributions to Islamic sciences. The following are amongst his most prominent:1. Tafseer of the Qur’an2. Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah: a history of Muslims from Adam until Ibn Kathir’s time3. At-Takmeel: a book on the science of Asmaaul Rijal (profiles of transmitters of Hadith)4. Jami`ul Masaneed: a book that collects the Hadith from ten major books of Hadith5. The classes of Shafi`ee scholars: a list of scholars following the Imam6. Extraction of the traditions of Tanbeeh (a Shafi`ee book of jurisprudence)7. The commentary on al-Bukhari (which he did not finish)8. The book of laws (again, he did not complete it)9. The summary to the science of Hadith; a synopsis to the introduction of Ibn Saah’s work10. Extraction of the traditions to the summary of Ibn Hajib11. Musnad of the two sheikhs (Abu Bakr and Umar)12. Biography of the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam13. The epistle of JihadAl-Hafiz Ibn hajar Al-Asqalani said,”Ibn Kathir lost his sight just before his life ended. He died in Damascus in 774A.H. May Allah grant him Mercy and make him amongst the residents of Jannah (Heavenly Garden)


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