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Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)
Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)

Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison (Ibn Taymeeyah)

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ISBN: 1902570014
Author: Ibn Taymeeyah
Publisher: Message of Islam (UK)
Pages: 56 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book contains a collection of letters demonstrating a side of the personality of Shaykul-Islaam ibn Taymeeyah which is not commonly recognized. Usually, it is his tough and uncompromising stances and his truthful, sometimes harsh retorts that are remembered. However, as this work demonstrates he was also a concerned son, a devoted teacher and a passionate defender of the religion. These letters were selected and introduced by Shaykul Muhammad Sulaiman al-Abdah.Born in Syria in 1941, and now residing in London, he has taught in the religious institutes and the Islaamic University of Madeenah. He now devotes his time to work in Islamic Da'wah.
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