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One Big Family (DVD) A Collection of Songs from Adam's World

One Big Family (DVD) A Collection of Songs from Adam's World

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Sound Vison (2005)
Product specifications: Approximate Running Time: 30 minutes
Item type: Children's DVD

Product description:

Whether you are young or old, this collection of Islamic songs is for you! One Big Family features 14 beautiful songs about the Power and Majesty of Allah, Prayer, Fasting, Hajj and other Islamic etiquette. Adam and Aneesah introduce each group of songs from the internationally acclaimed Adam's World Series. One Big Family makes an excellent addition to your family's video library.

Features songs by: Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Mustaqiim Sahir, Rukhsana Khan, and Jawad Jafry.


If you're worried about how to teach Islamic values to your young children in a way that will keep them interested, Adam's World is one of the most powerful tools in your struggle. With the media bombarding our children with un-Islamic values daily, we need to communicate Islam to this next generation of Muslims with the same tools that attract our children's attention. That's why Adam's World is so necessary. Here's what one parent had to say about this world famous children's video series.

"I just had to pen this e-mail after viewing the first three videos of the Adam's World Series that I purchased recently. Masha Allah! The quality, production and content of the program is excellent. Within just a few hours my children were 'unhooked' from their Disney videos.

This is probably the wisest investment I have made on my kids' behalf thus far. I intend to purchase the whole series without delay.

Keep up the good work!"

-Rayhan Hashmey, Texas, United States


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