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Alif for Allah (DVD)

Alif for Allah (DVD)

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Publisher: Sound Vision
Voice: Various
Media: DVD (Region 1)
Total running time: 32 mins
Product description:

It's fun! It's educational! It's loaded with animation and special effects! Alif for Allah teaches how to read and pronounce the Arabic alphabet. It also builds a child's Islamic vocabulary. Three beautiful songs enhance and enliven the entire learning experience. Join your favourite characters from the Adam's World series as they entertain and educate us about the Arabic alphabet and related Islamic words.

Adam and Aneesah really want to learn the Arabic Alphabets. After studing with some wierd teachers, Adam finally asks for help from Asad. He just has the right person (Br. Adnan) for this job.

Finally Adam and Aneesah learn all the Arabic Alphabets with three beautiful songs and lots of candy for their hard work.

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