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Adam's World 08 (DVD) Home Sweet Home

Adam's World 08 (DVD) Home Sweet Home

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Manufacturer: Sound Vision (2005)
Product type: DVD (Region 1)
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Product description:

This is the eighth episode of the world famous Adam's World children's video series,NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD what some call the "Muslim Sesame Street".

This DVD is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 9. It teaches Islamic values in a fun and lively way that is almost sure to keep kids watching. Adam is a friend to children, someone who they can relate to and learn from.

In Adam's World 8, Adam learns the importance of family in Islam and how to deal with sibling rivlary and jealousy as his parents and friends (even his close friend Asad!) gush over his baby sister Aneesah. "Everyone pays attention to her and she gets away with everything," complains poor Adam. But his intense feelings change for the better after Aneesah gets lost!

Also featured in this great dvd is Adam's trip to Egypt on his trusty transvisualizer, three terrific songs, the importance of sharing; the role of Shura (consultation) in a Muslim family; 3D animation on the letter Ha and more!

If your kids have got a bad case of sibling rivalry, this dvd is the ideal gift for them!

More Information:

If you're worried about how to teach Islamic values to your young children in a way that will keep them interested, Adam's World is one of the most powerful tools in your struggle.With the media bombarding our children with sex and violence, we need to communicate Islam to this next generation of Muslims in a way that is both educational and appealing to them. That's why Adam's World is so necessary. Here's what one parent had to say about this world famous children's video series:

"I just had to pen this e-mail after viewing the first three videos of the Adam's World series that I purchased recently. Masha Allah! The quality, production and content of the program is excellent. Within just a few hours my children were 'unhooked' from their Disney videos.

This is probably the wisest investment I have made on my kids' behalf thus far. I intend to purchase the whole series without delay.

Keep up the good work!"-Rayhan Hashmey, Texas, United States


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