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Political Science of Islam

Books - History, Politics, Biographies Law (Fiqh) and Modernity - Political Science of Islam

Organization of Government Under The Holy Prophet (saw)
Political Concepts in Sunnah
State Politics and Islam (Mumtaz Ahmad)
The Political Thought of Ibn Taymiyah
The Principles of State and Government in Islam (Muhammad Asad)
Al-Mawardi's Theory of The State
It Became Necessary to Destroy the Planet in Order to Save It! : Political Cartoons by Khalil Bendib
Political Development : An Islamic Perspective (Zeenath Kausar)
Sociology and Islam : A Comparative Study of Islam and its Social System (M Muslehuddin)
Globalization of the Other Underdevelopment : Third World Cultural Identities (Prof. Mahmoud Dhaouadi)
Jihad in the Qur'an : The Truth from the Source (Dr. Loay Fatoohi)
Child Abuse (Muhammad Umar Chand)
Methods of News Verification
Modern Islamic Political Thought (IBT Edition)
The Ordinances of Government (AlMawardi)
The Role of Government in an Islamic Economy
Political Dimensions of Seerah
They Dare to Speak Out : People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby (Paul Findley) 3rd Edition
The Qur'an and Politics : A Study of the Origins of Political Thought in the Makkan Qur'an (Eltigani Abdelgadir Hamid)
Full Sails Ahead (Nadia Yassine)
The Islamic Law of Succession (Dr. A. Hussain)
The True Jihad : the Concepts of Peace, Tolerance and Non-Violence in Islam (Maulana Wahiduddin Khan)
The Legislation of Islaam (al Imaam Abdul Azeez ibn Abdullaah Ibn Baaz)
Ruling by the Law (Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim)
A Call to an Islamic Union (Harun Yahya)
What the Notables Have Narrated About Not Going to the Rulers (Al Imam al Hafidh Jalaluddin as Suyuti)
The Position of the Mu'min at Times of Fitnah (Abdul Azeez bin Abdillah Bin Baaz)
The Rise and Decline of the Arab-Islamic Reform Movement (Basheer M. Nafi)
The Concepts of Leader and Leadership in Islam (Zafar Bangash)
Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict : A Primer(Phyllis Bennis)
The Seerah : A Power Perspective (Mohammed al-Asi, Zafar Bangash)

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