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As-Suyuti's Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh) Tibb an-Nabbi of Imam Jalalud'din Abdur-Rahman as Suyuti
Medicine of the Prophet (Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, P Johnstone)
Prophetic Medical Sciences (Dehlvi)
The Fiqh of Medicine : Responses in Islamic Jurisprudence to Developments in Medical Science (Ahmed Abdel Aziz Yacoub)
Islamic Medicine - The Key to a Better Life (Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad)
Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh) Full Color Deluxe Edition (Imam Ibn Qayyim al Jauziyah)
The Islamic Guideline on Medicine (Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad)
Avicenna on Cardiac Drugs (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Psychology from the Islamic Perspective (Dr. Aisha Hamdan Utz)
Avicenna on Healthy Living: Managing the Elderly, Temperament Extremes and Environmental Changes (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Healthy Living: Exercising, Massaging, Bathing, Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, and Treating Fatigue(Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on the Three Faculties From the Canon of Medicine Volume 1 (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Diagnosis Signs and Symptoms From the Canon of Medicine Volume 1 (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Medicine and its Topics From the Canon of Medicine Volume 1 (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Therapeutics: Diseases, Disorders, Obstructions, Swellings, and Managing Pain (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on the Four Temperaments: Cold and Dry, Cold and Wet, Hot and Dry, Hot and Wet (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on the Causes of Illness: (Etiology) (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on the Four Humors: Sangineous, Serous, Bilious, and Atrabilious (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Breath (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Healthy Living: Childbirth and Infancy (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna on Diseases, Causes and Symptoms (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Avicenna: Poem on Medicine (Urjuza fi'l tibb) (Laleh Bakhtiar)
Islamic Verdicts on Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery (Imam 'Abdul-'Aziz bin Baz)
Abu Zayd al-Balkhi's Sustenance of the Soul: The Cognitive Behavior Therapy of A Ninth Century Physician

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