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Is the Bible God's Word? (Ahmed Deedat)

Is the Bible God's Word? (Ahmed Deedat)

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ISBN: 8174355081
Author: Ahmed Deedat
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors (2006)
Pages: 72 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From the Book:When the Muslim proves his point from the Christian's own Scripture, and when the professional priest, parson or predikant cannot refute the arguments - the inevitable Christian evasion is - "DO YOU ACCEPT THE BIBLE AS GOD'S WORD?" On the face of it, the question seems to be an easy one, but a simple "Yes" or "No" cannot be given as an answer. You see, one has first to explain one's position. But the Christian will not give one the opportunity. He gets impatient. "Answer - 'Yes or No!'" he insists. The Jews did the same to Jesus two thousand years ago, except that surprisingly he was not straitjacketed, as is the fashion today!The reader will readily agree that things are not always either BLACK or WHITE. Between these two extremes there are various shades of GREY. If you say "Yes" to his question then it would mean that you are prepared to swallow everything HOOK, LINE and SINKER, from Genesis to Revelation from his Bible. If you respond with a "No" he quickly unhooks himself from the facts he has presented, and rallies support from his co-religionists in the audience with: You see, this man does not believe in the Bible! What right has he to expound his case from our Book?" With this hydra-like somersault he rests content that he has safely evaded the issue. What is the Muballigh to do? He has to explain his position vis-á-vis the Bible, as he ought to do.


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