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When Christians Ask, the Quran Answers (Mohamed Ghounem)

When Christians Ask, the Quran Answers (Mohamed Ghounem)

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ISBN: 0972851860
Author: Mohamed Ghounem
Publisher: Multi-National Muslim Committee (April 2005)
Pages: 117 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

As millions of Christians every year ask soul searching questions to their peers, parents, and priests about life, the universe, and the Bible, the questions remain unanswered.

"When Christians Ask: The Quran Answers" is a book of answers for Christians and a book of assistance for Muslims and essentially a book for everyone who felt they wanted the Answers.

This book is also for the Muslims who are asked by Christian missionaries questions about Islam. This book will prepare you in it's topical format for easy reference to Biblical and Quranic subjects.

We as humans have been given a blessing, the Quran, to guide us to the straight path. This book details these blessings and how to make the road clear for the non-Believers.


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