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101 Ways Islam Gives Love to the Bible (Mohamed Ghounem)

101 Ways Islam Gives Love to the Bible (Mohamed Ghounem)

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ISBN: 0976353202
Author: Mohamed Ghounem
Publisher: Multi-National Muslim Committee (MNMC) March 2005
Pages: 128 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Where is the Love in Islam?

Right Here!

Before and after the terrorist attacks, the media, politicians, and even some professors have been spewing negativeslander and stereotypes on Muslims, Islam and the Holy Quran,claiming it is a religion of hate and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wasa Prophet of war.

The reality is just the opposite; never before has a book of thismagnitude been made to show over 100 ways that Islam gives love tothe Judeo-Christian source of guidance; the Bible. A side by sidecomparison including the scripture references from both the Quran andBible, showing how Islam is a religion of love.

Also included is a list of the most common other polemics against Islamand their replies. This is the best book to have for the anti-Muslimsbecause every hateful claim they have against Islam is answered clearly,including directly related facts about the Bible that the Judeo-Christian will be shocked to learn.

101 Ways Islam Gives Love to the Bible will certainly help people from across the world find out just what Islam is really all about.


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