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Sufficient Provision for Seekers of the Path of Truth -  5 Volume Set (Abdul Qadir Jilani/Muhtar Holland) - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

Sufficient Provision for Seekers of the Path of Truth - 5 Volume Set (Abdul Qadir Jilani/Muhtar Holland) - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

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ISBN: 1882216121
Author: Abdul Qadir Jilani; Muhtar Holland (translator)
Publisher: Al-Baz Publishing 2nd Edition (2009)
Pages: 1737 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Sheikh ŠAbd al-Qadir al Jilani

Sheikh ŠAbd al-Qadir al Jilani is regarded by many as the Sultan of the saints and the supreme spiritual helper (al-Ghawth al-AĂzam). He lived almost a thousand years ago, yet his words transcend the time and place in which they were recorded to span the centuries without difficulties.

In this monumental work of five books, the Sheikh (may Allah be well pleased with him) provides a comprehensive exposition of both the outer and the inner aspects of Islam. His words shed light on the workings of the spiritual core of the human being, as well as on the traditional norms of external conduct. ˘The proper attitude to going on a journey, ˘he tells the Seeker of the Path of Truth, ˘is best described in the language of spiritual experienceÓ.÷

Transated by Muhtar Holland, one of the foremost translators of classical Arabic, Sufficient Provision for the Seekers of the Path of Truth is a work of inestimable value to every English-speaking Muslim, and to seekers of spiritual knowledge and understanding everywhere. It should also be a welcome addition to the library resources of scholar and layman alike.

˘The venerable Shaikh ŠAbd al-Qadir al Jilani passed on to the Realm of Divine Beauty in A.H. 561.1166 C.E. He is noted for his extraordinary spiritual experiences and exploits, as well as his memorable sayings and wise teachings. It is rightly said of him that Šhe was born in love, grew in perfection, and met his Lord in the perfection of loveĂ. May All-Glorious Lord bring us in contact with his lofty spiritual influence.÷

Sh Muzaffer Ozak Efendi, in Ziynet-ul-Kulub (The Adornment of Hearts)

Author's Prologue

Praise be to Allah for His gracious favor, and blessings and peace be upon thePrince of His Prophets and upon his family and his friends.

The following are the words of our Supreme Helper [Ghawthuna'l-A'zam], theMainstay of the Arabs and the non-Arabs [Sanad al-'Arab wa'l-'Ajam], the Lightof Mankind and the Jinn [Nur ath-Thaqalain], the Axis of East and West [Qutbal-Khafiqain], the Reviver of the Prophetic Example [Muhyi's-Sunna], AbuMuhammad 'Abd al-Qadir al-Hasani al-Husaini al-Jilani (may Allah the Exaltedsanctify his innermost being, and may He pour His gracious blessings inabundance upon those who follow his lofty example):

Praise be to Allah, for every book must begin with the declaration of His praise,as every speech must start with the mention of His name. The people of bliss willtake delight in praising Him [hereafter] in the abode of requital and reward. ByHis name is every sickness healed, and with it every grief and tribulation isremoved. Toward Him hands are raised in earnest entreaty and supplication, inhardship and in ease, in good timesand in bad. He is Attentive [Sami'] to all voices, with all their various forms ofspeech in different languages, and He is Responsive [Mujib] to those who feel theneed to appeal [to Him].

Praise be to Him, therefore, for all that is best and finest, and thanks be to Himfor all the favors He has bestowed, for all the gifts He has granted, and for theevidence and guidance He has clearly shown. May His blessings be upon Hischosen friend [safi] and Messenger [Rasul], Muhammad, through whom He hasguided us out of error, and on his family, hiscompanions, his brother Envoys [Mursalun] and the angels brought near[mala'ika muqarrabun], and may He grant them peace.

Now to address the subject of the present work: One of my friends had beenpressing me, urging me in very emphatic terms to compose this book, because ofhis excellent appreciation of what is right and proper. Of course, Allah is the Onewho protects from harm ['Asim] in words and deeds, the One who has insight[Muttali'] into consciences [dama'ir] and intentions [niyyat], and the Benefactor[Mun'im] who graciously condescendsto facilitate whatever He wishes. Refuge with Him (Almighty and Glorious is He)must be sought through cleansing hearts of pretense [riya'] and hypocrisy [nifaq],and replacing bad deeds with good. He is Forgiving [Ghafir] of sins and mistakes,and Accepting [Qabil] of repentance from His servants.

I came to recognize the sincerity of his [my friend's] wish to acquire realknowledge [ma'rifa] of modes of behavior consistent with the sacred law [adabshar'iyya], namely obligatory religious duties [fara'id], recommended practices[sunan] and formal refinements [hai'at]; real knowledge of the Maker [Sani'](Almighty and Glorious is He) through signs[ayat] and indications ['alamat]; then instruction in the Qur'an and Propheticutterances [alfaz nabawiyya], in discourses [majalis] we shall mention later; andreal knowledge of the morals and ethics of the righteous [salihun], which we shallreview in the course of the book, so that it may serve as a helper to him infollowing the path of Allah (Almighty andGlorious is He), in carrying out His commandments and observing Hisprohibitions.

I found that he had a sincere intention [niyya sadiqa], which I experienced withinme among the revelations of the Unseen [futuh al-ghaib], so I gave him a positiveresponse in this matter.

Promptly and eagerly, counting on the reward, hoping for salvation on the Day ofReckoning, I set about the work of compiling this book, with the helpful guidanceof the Lord of lords [Rabb al-arbab], the Inspirer of what is right [Mulhimas-sawab], and I have given it the title:

Sufficient Provision For The Seekers of The Path of Truth[Al-Ghunya li-Talibi Tariq al-Haqq]


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