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Shamaa-il Tirmidhi with Commentary

Shamaa-il Tirmidhi with Commentary

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ISBN: 0933511531
Author: Kandhel w/Ebrahim
Publisher: Taj Company, India
Pages: 458 Binding: Hardback

Description from the publisher:

It is an abridged form of Imam Tirmidhi's famous Shama-il in which he has recorded everything about the Holy Prophet (SAW) on the authority of the companions and collected 397 AHADITH those which are divided into 55 chapters and has drawn a pen picture of the Holy Prophet's (SAW) physical features, manners and characteristics. With Commentary : Khasaail-E-Nabawi (SaW) by Maulavi Muhammad Zakariyya (Rah) Translated into English by Muhamad Bin Abdur Rahman Ebrahim.


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