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The Bible, the Qur'an, and Science (Maurice Bucaille)

The Bible, the Qur'an, and Science (Maurice Bucaille)



ISBN: 8172311613
Author: Dr. Maurice Bucaile
Publisher: Al-Saadawi Publications
Pages: 253 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Written by a French surgeon, this work, one of the most important ever on Islamic and Christian studies, analyzes the scriptures in the light of modern scientific knowledge, looking for contradictions between established scientific facts and scriptural implication. The author analyzes creationism vs. evolution, astronomy, the conception in the womb, separation of water in subterranean Oceanic rivers, and other issues. A thoroughly engrossing treatise, full of information on the subject and documentation to back up every point the author brings forth. English translation of 'La Bible, Le Coran et La Science."


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