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Let's Read & Write Arabic: Book 2 (New Expanded Edition)

Let's Read & Write Arabic: Book 2 (New Expanded Edition)



Author: Fadel Abdallah
Publisher: Iqra' International Educational Foundation
Pages: 70 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Let's Read and Write Arabic(part I and II ) are part of IQRA'S pioneering educational efforts to prepare a comprehensive and systematic program of Arabic and Quranic Studies. This book brings the young learners a step closer to the reading and writing of the Quranic language. The book present Quranic words, terms, and phrases as the basis for practicing reading and writing Arabic. All of the words which are introduced in this activity book are of high frequency in the Qurans. These two volume serves the purpose: teaching basic Quranic vocabulary, teaching simultaneously Arabic script, teaching important Quranic terms and terminology, teaching basic Quranic concept in English. These books provide sure foundation for further studies of Arabic, Quranic and Islamic studies.


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