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The Key To Madina (Dr Dawud Abdullah)

The Key To Madina (Dr Dawud Abdullah)



ISBN: 9960792374
Author: Dr. Daud Abdullah
Publisher: Abul Qasim Publishing House (Saudi Arabia)
Pages: 118 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Sometimes in our changing, complex world we hear about someone being honored and receiving the key to a certain city. Although largely symbolic, this act is accompanied by a few social benefits. Yet, those who actually receive and benefit from such homage are few and far between. For the most part, they generally include elder statesmen, philanthropists and business magnates. However, the time has come to break this tradition and offer a different honor to different people for different reasons. The Key to Madinah is not presented for securing the comfort and refuge of social privilege; rather, it is presented to open the vast treasuries of prophetic history (seerah) so that one may personally witness the process by which this obscure oasistown was transformed into the focal point of an undying civilization. While reading these pages it becomes impossible to remain a passive onlooker, for there is something compelling about this city. It fires the spheres of the imagination, excites the power of emotions and drives the spirit to the farthest realms of excellence and achievement. The Key to Madinah will take the reader, with complete submission, humility, respect and adoration, on a journey of discoveries about the history, physical and spiritual values, and religious significance of this glorious city. This book will undoubtedly inform, inspire and influence its readers. [Adapted from the Introduction]


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