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Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)
Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)

Forty Hadith Nawawi (Imam an Nawawi)

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ISBN: 8174353178
Author: Imam an Nawawi; Ezzedin Ibrahim, Denys Johnson-Davies (translators)
Publisher: Adams Publishers and Distributors (2010)
Pages: 127 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This collection of forty hadith by one of the most famous compilers of hadith is generally regarded as the most popular anthology and the best introduction to the study of the Prophet's sayings which, together with the Qur'an, contain the essential teachings of Islam. The Arabic original has been printed alongside the English translation for the benefit of those with knowledge of Arabic. The translation, by two scholars working in close collaboration, combines accuracy with readability.

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