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Crossing The Bridge Over The Fire (Shaykh 'Abdullah Bin Uthmaan Ad-Dhamari)

Crossing The Bridge Over The Fire (Shaykh 'Abdullah Bin Uthmaan Ad-Dhamari)

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ISBN: 9781633151710
Author: Shaykh 'Abdullah Bin Uthmaan Ad-Dhamari)
Publisher: Maktabatul-Irshad Publications (July 2014)
Pages: 48 Binding: Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.25"

Description from the publisher:

He said, “The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ??‘alayhi wasallam) said:?? “Allah will gather the first and the last ??(of the creation) for the appointed ?meeting for the known Day—standing ?for forty years, waiting for the matter to ?be decided between them. Allaah will ?descend in the shadows of the clouds, ?from the Throne to the Footstool. ??“And a caller will call out, ‘O mankind, ?would it please you that your Lord, the ?One who created you, provided for you, ?and commanded you to worship none ?but Him and to not associate any ?partners with Him, should judge that ?each of you should follow that which he ?used to follow in the world, and that ?which he used to worship in the world? ?Is this not a just ruling from your Lord?’ ?They will respond, ‘Certainly.’ ??“Thus it shall commence; they shall ?proceed forth and every nation will ?follow what they used to worship. And ?the likenesses of their gods they used to ?worship in the world will appear. Those ?who used to worship the sun shall ?proceed forth, as will those who ?worshiped the moon, those who ?worshiped idols of stone and the like; ?and the devil of Jesus (his companion ?from the Jinn) will be given the likeness ?of Jesus for those who worshiped him, ?and for those who worshiped ‘Uzayr, the ?devil of ‘Uzayr (his companion from the ?Jinn) will be given his likeness; and ?there shall remain Muhammad ??(sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam)?? ?and his ?nation. ??“The Lord of all that exists will come to ?them and say to them, ‘Why do you not ?proceed as the people have proceeded?’ ?They will respond, ‘We have a deity ?whom we have yet to see.’ Thus He will ?say to them, ‘If He comes to you will you ?recognize Him?’ They will respond, ??‘Between Him and us is a sign; if we see ?it we will recognize Him.’ He will say, ??‘And what is the sign?’ They will ?respond, ‘He will reveal His Shin.’ ?Therefore the Most Merciful will reveal ?His Shin and they will recognize Him, so ?all of them who see it will fall prostrate. ??“All those who used to prostrate within ?the dunya out of hypocrisy and to show ?off will desire to prostrate, but their ?backs will be like the horns of cows. ?Every time they want to prostrate, they ?will fall down upon their forelocks. ‘They ?used to be called to prostrate (offer ?prayers), while they were healthy and ?good (in the life of the world, but they ?did not).’ [Soorah al-Qalam 68:43] ??“Then Allah will say to them, ‘Raise ?your heads.’ So they will raise their ?heads. Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, ?will give each of them lights according ?to their actions. Some of them will be ?given light the like of a great mountain ?which will proceed in front of them, ?while some of them will be given a light ?less than that. Some of them will be ?given a light like a date tree on his right, ?while some of them will be given a light ?less than that. Such that the last of ?them will be a man given a light in his ?big toe; it will illuminate at times and ?become dim at times. When it dims he ?will remain still, and when it illuminates ?he will stand to proceed. ??“The Lord of all that exists will be in ?front of them, thus they will pass over ?the fire and the bridge will be slippery ?and sharper than a sword. They will pass ?over the bridge according to their light. ?Some will pass like the blinking of an ?eye, while some will pass like lightning; ?some will pass like the clouds, some will ?pass like the falling star, while some will ?pass like the wind; some will pass like ?the racehorse, while some will pass like ?the fast traveler; until the last of them ?will be the man who was given light in ?his big toe. ?


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