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A Mercy to Humanity (Dr. 'Aid al-Qarni)

A Mercy to Humanity (Dr. 'Aid al-Qarni)

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ISBN: 9786035011938
Author: Dr. 'Aid al-Qarni
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (2013)
Pages: 628 Binding: Hardcover 5.75 x 8.75 x 1.25"

Description from the publisher:

A Mercy to Humanity has been penned by Dr. ‘Â’id al-Qarni for all students of knowledge. In this unique study, al-Qarni delivers personal insight into the events of Prophet Muhammad’s life. He also paints a vivid picture of his noble character. This is an emotional commentary replete with evocative language, narrated in the author’s well-known engaging style with which the readers are so familiar. He writes:

This book is not a biography of the Prophet (bpuh). He is too great and noble to have a biography written by someone like myself. It is not a compendium of praises. He is too high in ranking to be praised by someone like me. Besides, Allah has praised him, purified him, and raised his status.

This is also not a historical work with events related in a chronological order. Neither I nor others can do justice to even a part of the Prophet’s life. An Arab poet said:What can the describers say about him, When his noble qualities are too many to count?

So what is this work and why have I written it? It represents my thoughts, emotions and ideas which I wanted to record in writing. Like others before me, I write this to express the estrangement I feel in the absence of my leader, my teacher, and my role model. Through this work, I hope to remind myself and the reader about the duties we must fulfill towards the Messenger (pbuh).


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