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Jesus Was Not Crucified (I.D. Campbell)

Jesus Was Not Crucified (I.D. Campbell)

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ISBN: 9781484166246
Author: I.D. Campbell
Publisher: I.D. Campbell (2012)
Pages: 161 Binding: Paperback 6 x 9 x 0.5"

Description from the publisher:

Did you know that many early Christian groups did not believe that Jesus (pbuh) was crucified or resurrected? These early Christians heard the message of Jesus (pbuh) and they concluded that his resurrection was not necessary for salvation and in fact, he did not die. Almost 2000 years ago, Christian leadership decided that these early Christian groups’ understanding of Jesus’ (pbuh) life and mission were incorrect and they declare it heresy. Well 600 years after Jesus (pbuh), a man born in Arabia made a proclamation that was in agreement with the claim that Jesus (pbuh) was not crucified. Today at least 1.8 billion people believe that Jesus (pbuh) was not crucified, while at least 2.1 billion people believe that he was crucified. How do we come to the truth? Do we accept the verdict made 2000 years ago or do we start a new investigation? Today using the same evidence available to those of the past, we can come to our own conclusion on this matter. The Bible contains the key witnesses to this case and I will use their testimony to prove that “Jesus was not Crucified.”


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