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The Jewish Torah is Not The Word of God (I.D. Campbell)

The Jewish Torah is Not The Word of God (I.D. Campbell)

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ISBN: 9781490459424
Author: I.D. Campbell
Publisher: I.D. Campbell (2009)
Pages: 206 Binding: Paperback 6 x 9 x 0.5"

Description from the publisher:

The honor of attributing a literary work to God is an extremely powerful one. It is also extremely dangerous, because it instantaneously legitimizes every word contained in the literary work. For this reason, scripture believed to be inspired by God must be analyzed thoroughly to determine if it is worthy of such an honor. When I suggest that the Jewish Torah is not the words of God, I do not wish to offend Jews and Christians, only to defend God. I mean to say that in my view the Jewish Torah does not pass the tests of morality, of ethics, of scientific accuracy, of historical accuracy, or the test of congruity within itself, all attributes which would be expected of the words of God. To be clear, this book is not designed for ridicule, but for explanation and correction. I intend to present my case as to why the Jewish Torah is not the word of God and how the belief that it is the word of God has impacted the past and the present. And finally I intend to offer the corrections from the Qur'an to the errors contained in the Jewish Torah.


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