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Muhammad (pbuh) His Life, His Miracles , With His Companions (Muhammad Abd al Ziz Ahmed and Majidi a Sayyid Ibrahim)

Muhammad (pbuh) His Life, His Miracles , With His Companions (Muhammad Abd al Ziz Ahmed and Majidi a Sayyid Ibrahim)

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ISBN: 9781870582704
Author: Muhammad Abd al Ziz Ahmed and Majidi a Sayyid Ibrahim; Translated by Niemat Ali Gadalla
Publisher: Dar Al-Taqwa Ltd. (1997)
Pages: 68 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Every prophet is a reformer but not every reformer is a prophet, however extensive the reforms he achieves, because neither reformation nor social reconstruction is the essence of prophet-hood. The essence of prophethood is a mysterious connection between the prophet and Allah, and his unseen. It constitutes a bridge between the natural and supernatural worlds. This is the state which makes the prophet a unique receptacle, a listener who receives inspiration from sublime realms beyond the reach of anyone other than another prophet.

Today even many non-Muslims acknowledge the greatness of Muhammad may peace and blessing be upon him as a worldly figure. Recognizing his spiritual pre-eminence, however, this is another matter, in this book, the Egyptian scholar Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud explains what is most extraordinary about the character of the blessed prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. The author recounts and comments on various episodes of the life of the blessed prophet, demonstrating the unique character of the man and the divine inspiration that guided him in every aspect and every moment of his mission.

Dr Mustafa Mahmoud is one of the most celebrated and influential writers and television speakers on science and religion in the Arab world today. Reading this book will prove a thought provoking experience for all, and a source of awe and wonder for many.


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