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How to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan (Dawud Adib)

How to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan (Dawud Adib)

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ISBN: 9780980963571
Author: Dawud Adib
Publisher: Troid Publications (May 2011)
Pages: 83 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Beginning with Your Birth, He is There….Waiting!

But who is he? What does he want? Where does he lurk? How does he plot and who are his helpers? He is our avowed enemy, relentless in his pursuit of our downfall…

…So he whispers, he schemes, he sows hatred in the hearts, divides and destroys, corrupts and annoys, he glitters to amaze, alas, his call is to the blaze, a liar by nature, a legacy of false portrayal, his promise is but betrayal:

“And Shaytaan (Satan) will say when the matter has been decided: “Verily, Allah promised you a promise of truth. And I too promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you, and you responded to me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me (Satan) as a partner with Allah (by obeying me in the life of the world). Verily, there is a painful torment for the Dhaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers).”’ [Soorah Ibraaheem, 14:22]

About this publication:

On the authority of Sabrah ibn Abee Faakih said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) saying:

“Indeed Shaytaan sits upon the pathways to Islam and [with a question loaded with rejection he asks] "Will you embrace Islam and leave the religion of your father and grandfathers?" The man disobeys [and opposes] him and embraces Islam. Then he sits in the path of hijrah (migration) and [again a question of rejection], "Will you migrate and leave your land [in which you were born and lived in] and your sky [which you used as a means of protection for all of your life]? [Shaytaan continues his question taunting of discouragement] “A muhaajir [one who leaves the land of disbelief for the land of Islam] is like a horse in a tether”. [But] the man [again] disobeys him and migrates. Then Shaytaan sits in the path to jihaad and says, "The struggle is with your life and wealth. If you fight you will be killed, your wives will re-marry and your wealth will be distributed." He disobeys him and goes out in jihaad. Whoever does that has a right upon Allah that He admits him into Paradise. And whoever is killed has a right upon Allah that He enters him into Paradise."


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