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Understanding the Current Affairs from an Islamic Perspective (Shaikh Muhammad Nasriddeen al Albaani)

Understanding the Current Affairs from an Islamic Perspective (Shaikh Muhammad Nasriddeen al Albaani)

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ISBN: 9781234567897
Author: Shaikh Muhammad Nasriddeen al Albaani
Publisher: Al Hujjah Publications (2010)
Pages: 57 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From among the issues that were raised during this chaotic period was what some people call “Fiqh Al-Waaqi” - having understanding of the current affairs.

I don’t disagree with this new name which they have invented for this knowledge which is “Fiqh Al-Waaqi” that is because most scholars stated that whoever carries the responsibility of guiding the Ummah [Islamic nation], and solving their problems must be aware and well acquainted of their situations. From among the common phrase amongst the scholars is that: “Making judgment on something is based on how that thing is viewed” and this cannot be actualized except with having an encompassing understanding of that issue which you want to analyze. This is from the principles of making verdicts in particular and principles of knowledge in general.

From among the Fiqh [understanding of Islamic affairs] that must be acquired is: “Having understanding of the Book [Qur’an],” “Having knowledge of the Sunnah,” “Having understanding of the language [Arabic],” “Having the knowledge of the human being and the universe,” and “Having the knowledge of differences of opinion” and the likes. These types of Fiqh [understanding of Islamic affairs]; are no less important than the aforementioned Fiqh [jurisprudence] and those are the four schools of thought or the Fiqh [of the current affairs], which is the subject matter of this book.
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