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What Muhammad Said About Jesus (peace be upon them) CASE OF 50 COPIES (Ali Shawkat) ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

What Muhammad Said About Jesus (peace be upon them) CASE OF 50 COPIES (Ali Shawkat) ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

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ISBN: 9789832965190
Author: Ali Shawkat
Publisher: Kenanga Permai SDN. BHD. (2015)
Pages: 68 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is for a BULK CASE of 50 copies of this book, good for da'wah, free distribution, and more.

Jesus is a unique figure in human history. His words and deeds inspire many, and his life continues to fascinate and raise questions. So, it comes as no surprise that Muhammad, the Prophet if Islam, would mention him. But what might surprise many is how often Jesus is mentioned, and what Muhammad had to say about him. This book collects these sayings in an attempt to understand the place of Jesus and Mary in Islam from the month of Muhammad himself.

Ali Shawkat Albarghouthi has a PhD in Religious Studies and is the Director of the Institute of Muslim Research and Progress. He is the author of Jesus in Islam and What Muhammad Said about Jesus, and delivers khutbahs in the Greater Toronto Area (sample available at

This book collects all the sayings of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, about Jesus and his mother, Mary. With the other book by the same author, Jesus in the Quran, the reader will gain a quick yet thorough understanding of the place of Jesus in Islam and what Muslims believe about him, his role in the past, and the role he is expected to play in the future. This is an essential read for anyone interested in understanding Islam and the place Jesus occupies in Muslim creed.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Very Short history of Hadeeth
  • Chapter One: Birth and Life of Jesus
  • Chapter Two: Physical Features
  • Chapter Three: Second Coming of Jesus
  • Chapter Four: Jesus on the Day of Judgment
  • Chapter Five: Virtues of Jesus and Mary
  • Chapter Six: Muhammad’s Connection to Jesus
  • Chapter Seven: Three Stories from the Companions of
  • Muhammad
  • Glossary

  • Reviews

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