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25 Myths About Islam (I. D. Campbell)

25 Myths About Islam (I. D. Campbell)

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ISBN: None
Author: I. D. Campbell
Publisher: I. D. Campbell
Pages: 35 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

You can determine for yourself, who the culprit is, but for certain SOMEONE knew that what you believe about Islam was not true and they said nothing about it or they concealed these facts from you. You should be outraged that this falsehood has permeated society without question. The sheer magnitude of these lies render it more than an infraction, more than unfair, more than unjust, more than a sin, but a crime. It is a crime without conscience, because it has been allowed to fester and feed for over one thousand years. Perhaps some people have participated and perpetuated this lie unwittingly, but a mistake cannot be continued for ever. There can be an infinite amount of lies, but there can only be one truth. Learn the truth from a Muslim source and end this cycle of misrepresentation of Islam, of miseducation of non-Muslims about Islam and the misunderstandings of those who are sincere but are grossly mistaken about Islam.Islam.


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